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Moonbeam Pet

Moonbeam Pet shroud - 4-layer cotton muslin gauze, white

Moonbeam Pet shroud - 4-layer cotton muslin gauze, white

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A dignified burial for your furry friend. This biodegradable shroud is made of an organic cotton 4-layer gauze from Turkey, naturally bleached white. Coordinating indigo tie-dye hemp ties keep the shroud tightly wrapped for burial.

All pet shrouds come with a collection of poems to choose from as well as a meaningful token to remember the location of burial.

Sizes available:

S - pets up to 20 lbs

M - pets 20-50 lbs

L - pets 50-90 lbs

XL - pets 90+ lbs

Lovingly handcrafted in Canada. Due to the hand dyeing process, each shroud is unique and nuanced differently. Please accept these irregularities as you would Mother Nature's natural beauty, as the shroud will be returned to the Earth it came from.

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