About Sanctum

While selling my plant-based casket sprays to the funeral industry, I noticed how excessive and wasteful traditional funerals were, not to mention toxic for the environment.

Being passionately mindful of the planet, I was intrigued by natural burials. My background in fashion and textiles led me to start designing burial shrouds in July 2023, experimenting with luxurious natural fabrics and vegetable dyes.

The result is Sanctum, a brand of high-end scented burial shrouds for the natural funeral industry. I source a variety of high-quality organic fabrics which are soft to the touch and biodegradable. I tint these fabrics with colorful, non-toxic plant dyes and infuses them with my proprietary plant-based antibacterial formula, which inhibits germ growth and neutralizes malodor, replacing it with pleasant, fresh scents of nature. The result for families is a comforting, beautiful, aromatic cocoon wrapped around their loved one which will carry them to their final resting place.

Sanctum’s mission is to enhance the sensory experience of a natural burial for loved ones while eliminating toxins and pollutants from burial practices. My company will accomplish this by providing luxury, eco-conscious shrouds and accompanying products made with renewable plant resources to funeral homes and their clients looking for a more organic, enriched funeral experience.

 - Virginia Marcolin, founder of Sanctum