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SANCTUM two-layer gauzed cotton muslin shroud - EUCALYPTUS

SANCTUM two-layer gauzed cotton muslin shroud - EUCALYPTUS

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All Sanctum shrouds are handmade using rich, soft, biodegradable fabrics. We dye our fabrics with plant tannins and infuse them with our signature botanical scents for extra freshness and pleasant memories.

This shroud is made of a double-layer organic cotton gauzed muslin from Turkey. It has been soaked in eucalyptus leaves which has given it a gorgeous pale green colour.

Size: 70" wide x 104" long

Scent: our signature Adieu blend. Comes in fabric spray and anointing oil for washing ritual (washcloth included).

Ties: matching striped hemp/silk x 4

All Sanctum shrouds are lovingly made in Canada.

*Please note that due to the hand-dyeing process, there will be colour inconsistencies with each shroud. We like to think of them as beautifully imperfect...kind of like humanity :)

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